Hi, I am Nova Rudy. I go by they/them pronouns and I am a FIRST Alumni, Mentor, and, Volunteer. Now you may be asking yourself, why does this website exist?

This website is to advocate for the safety and well-being of transgender and gender non-conforming along with LGBTQ+ individuals at the FIRST World Championship. Texas is not a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals, it’s been proven time and time again by the mass amount of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation along with the anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric that comes from some of the state politicians. As an LGBTQ+ individual that lives in Texas, I know how hard it is to be in the state, especially when the state government has said that gender-affirming care is child abuse and has tried investigating parents because of those parents showing support for their kids who want to receive gender-affirming care [ACLU Article].

I am here to show FIRST that even if they do not stand up for transgender and gender non-conforming students, mentors, alumni, and volunteers, I will personally take a stand for their rights to be able to participate in FIRST without having to be anxious to go to places like the FIRST World Championship.

We as a community can stand together and show FIRST HQ that we will not be complicit and will stand out in showing that even if they don’t care, we care about our transgender and gender non-conforming students, mentors, alumni, and volunteers. Please stand with me by continuing to advocate for LGBTQ+ people and making sure that all students can have a safe and happy FIRST World Championship experience.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see y’all at the World Championship where I will be continuing my advocacy.

– Nova Rudy (Your Local Themby of Chaos)